Dr. Ralph Parkin

This is Dr. Ralph Parkin of Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center. One of the most recent innovations in smile improvement are the invisible braces. Invisible braces are an ideal  new treatment option for patients who want the attractive smile they have always dreamed about, but couldn’t stand the thought of wearing braces.Now when “Invisalign” had the market to themselves the procedure was rather costly, they had to recoup an enormously expensive advertizing budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. Good competition has now entered the market making invisible braces a reality for more and more patients.

pretty smile


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Dr.Chauncey Crandall, M.D. The gum disease/heart attack connection

Dr. Chauncey Crandall

In his new book “Fix it!” Dr. Crandall’s 90 day program to stop and reverse heart disease, Dr. Crandall, who is the director of preventive medicine at the Palm Beach cardiovascular clinic, and an expert on the causes and cures of heart disease states in the chapter on the seven risk factors for heart disease that number two on his list is gum disease. He states “When a person has gum disease, bacteria get into the blood stream through the open sores (those areas that bleed) and then they stick to plaque found on the coronary arteries which narrows the arteries and increases the inflammation of the arteries. This in turn causes the bodies response to cover the inflamed area and the arteries become narrower still. The newly formed plaque can rupture and create a blood clot which then blocks the artery and causes a heart attack.
The message is get your gums healthy and keep them that way.
Check out my eBook for more information on this and many other topics.

If it has been a while, or if you have questions call the office and set up gum evaluation appointment.
It is inexpensive and non-threatening. 719-576-1730

Dr. Ralph Parkin trusted dental adviser

Your trusted Dental adviser,
Ralph Parkin
Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center

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Our January Coloring Contest Winners!



Brinley and Kaileigh were our January winners! Make sure you to turn in your coloring pages to Monique for your chance to win!

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Thoughts on the baby pacifier controvercy

Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center's Dr. Parkin

Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center’s Dr. Parkin

Hello this is Dr. Ralph Parkin with some thoughts about concerns parents have about regarding pacifiers for babies. I have included an article from the AGD patient information website . The concern expressed in the article is how hard it is to break the pacifier habit in small children.  I will address that concern a little later.  In my practice I see more parents who are concerned about a child who sucks his or her thumbs or fingers than those worried about pacifier use.  Here are my observations as a father of 5 children as well as a family dentist.

pacifier 3

Pacifiers come in different sizes and shapes. The article copied in this blog gives some information you can use when selecting a pacifier.  Children receive comfort and seem to calm their personal world by sucking.  Realizing this my wife and I worked to get each child to adjust to a pacifier.  I quickly learned that it was much easier to wean a child off of pacifiers than it was to wean them off of their own thumb or fingers. For the child that was interested in continuing to use his or her pacifier as they approached 2 to 3 years of age, we gradually would lose them and after a while we simply would shrug our shoulders and say it was gone. This worked with minimal stress to the child.  How do you lose a thumb? Good luck, I have adult patients that still suck their thumbs in public; how embarrassing and what does that do for their self image, I don’t know?  Check out this article! Continue reading

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Hey kids,It’s time to brush your teeth!

Dr. Parkin, just wondering!

Dr. Parkin, just wondering!

Hello kids, did you know that if you brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day you can keep mister cavity away?

There are many videos you can watch while brushing your teeth so the two minutes go by real fast.  Ask your Mom or Dad if they will let you check out the brushing videos on the internet.

I found this musical brushing video that I think you will like.

There is a website  that has fun brushing things for kids to do and to watch.  It is sponsored by a group of dentists that I am a member. Getting good brushing habits when you are young will keep your teeth sparking and your smile looking great for years.

Your Trusted dental advisor

Colorado Springs Dentist

Ralph Parkin, DMD

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I told her you need to go to the hospital now!

Hello, This is Dr. Ralph Parkin, your trusted dental adviser, with a true story of a drug overdose.

Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Ralph Parkin

Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Ralph Parkin

Not the drugs you might be thinking of. Here is the story as told to me in an AGD ( Academy of General Dentistry article) by
Thomas Viola, Pharmacy Professor.
The patient who I will call Nancy had an extraction done and had gone to the pharmacy where she had her prescription filled for
ibuprofen 600 mg and Vicodin extra strength, 20 tablets, which has a narcotic and acetaminophen (tylenol). She was to take no more than 5 vicodin tablets
per day. The next day Nancy returned to the pharmacy requesting a refill of her vicodin. When questioned about the refill only one day after receiving the pills she said the pain was bad so she took a few more (12 pills). Nancy said she was a little worried about taking so many so she started taking extra strength tylenol in between times (14 pills). Now each vicodin ES has 750 mg of acetaminophen and each extra strength Tylenol has 500 mg of acetaminophen making her total intake of Acetaminophen 16 grams in 24 hours.
She was told “Go to the hospital,go now. The faster you get there the better.” Nancy got scared “It’s just Tylenol, I’ll be OK right?”

tylenol photo


Here’s the emergency causing problem. Severe liver toxicity after a Tylenol overdose is life threatening! Nancy could have died! She didn’t only
because her pharmacist scared her enough so she went to the hospital for treatment immediately. If she had waited she could easily have died. Thinking it’s just tylenol
and not knowing that so many pain pills such as vicodin, alleve and others have acetaminophen as part of their formulation.

Always read the label! Don't overdose without even knowing

Always read the label!
Don’t overdose without even knowing

The morale of the story, “If one is good, the two or three or four must be better thinking could just damage you kidneys or liver and in extreme cases even kill you.”

Share this blog with others, you just might save a life!

Ralph Parkin D.M.D.
Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center

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Could this be the end of those mercury fillings?

Dr.Parkin Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center

Dr.Parkin Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center



Hi, I’m doctor Ralph Parkin with the latest information about the movement to get rid of mercury filling. As you may or may not know I chose to stop using amalgum (mercury/silver) fillings almost 30 years ago, my how time flies. The following short videos focus on the message from the Mercury free dentistry movement.  Check them out.

This next you tube video by Biodent gives additional admittedly scary and controversial anti mercury information.

If you have questions about the fillings you have in your mouth or want to know what I use today give my office a call a 719-576-1730 and Monique will schedule a time with me to discuss it.

Your trusted dental adviser and local Colorado Springs dentist

Ralph Parkin, DMD


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Could your “drug of Choice” damage your mouth big time?


Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center's Dr. Parkin

Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center’s Dr. Parkin

Hello, This is Dr Ralph Parkin, Colorado Springs dentist and I am here to tell you that what you may think is a harmless addiction can really mess up your mouth.  Just what am I talking about?  Here are the facts! Drinking large quantities of your favorite carbonated soda can cause as much damage to your teeth as methamphetamine and crack cocaine use. Continue reading

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Hello, I’m Dr. Ralph Parkin,01 (18)

What to do if you really are afraid of the dentist but don’t want to be drugged into a stupor? Here are some great tips from one of my dental assistants.

I have worked for Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center for almost two years as a dental assistant and I am amazed at how many patients come in with a fear of the dentist. Now this can cause several problems. People wait until all hope is gone and their teeth are literally rotting out of their heads. Tooth pain is unlike any other and can turn from a very painful experience into a life threatening medical emergency; if the infection from an abscessed tooth isn’t quickly stopped a person can find themselves in an intensive hospital unit.


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Sleep Apnea, what you don’t know could kill you!

Do you snore or sleep with someone who does?  Do you have to sleep in separate bedrooms?  Do any of your children snore?   If so read on

Do you sleep with someone who snores?


This blog focuses on a serious medical problem called sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea occurs when a sleeping person stops breathing for a length of time beyond the normal 7 to 10 seconds which causes the body, especially the brain to be deprived of oxygen.



Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center's Dr. Parkin

Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center’s Dr. Parkin

Hello, I’m Dr. Ralph Parkin with an important message about your ability to breath while sleeping.

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